The most cost effective way to manage your legal practice from anywhere

Increase productivity, provide better service, start building your practice today.

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legal practice management

Total Independence
Independant of where you store your data • Independant of any OS • Independant of any 3rd party additional purchases.

Deployment SaaS or On-premise

legal practice managementlegal practice management

On-premise or SaaS. You have web-accessibility regardless of where it is deployed. Keep your data In-house or in the Clouds.


Platform OSX, Windows and Linux

legal practice management

HoudiniESQ runs on the most popular operating systems, Windows, Linux and OSX.


100% TurnkeyNothing more to buy

legal practice managementlegal practice management

Nothing more to buy - No Database • No App Server • No CITRIX Server • No Web Server • No Exchange Server • and no expensive hardware is required.


Total Freedom
The freedom to customize as you like • The freedom to use common office tools or to use Houdini's integrated tools • The freedom to use whatever browser you wish.

Customization Fields, Forms and List

legal practice managementlegal practice management

Easily customized to fit your practice. So easy an attorney can do it. You can customize forms, list and generate ad-hoc reports.


Integration Outlook, Word, and Excel

legal practice managementlegal practice managementlegal practice management

HoudiniESQ natively integrates with Microsoft Office. Don't use office? You can work entirely in Houdini if you like. Houdini has integrated document management, a integrated email client, collaboration tools, etc.


Remote Access Safari, FireFox, and Chrome

legal practice management

Accessible from just about any modern Browser and Mobile device, iPhone, iPad, Android. You can even provide your clients with secure remote access to their Matters.


Best in Breed

The most comprehensive toolset of ANY Online Legal Practice Management product.
While others provide hacks and workarounds to common task we provide one integrated suite of tools that streamlines workflow, increases productivity, helps you to provide better service, and helps build your practice. All with scalable Web-accessibility at its core.

I have “captured” so much billable time since implementing HoudiniESQ. W Burns Esq.

Multiple Division and Satellite Office support • Call Center Support • Trust Accounting • Retainer Management • Time Tracking • Billing • Invoicing • Task Assignments • Email Management • Case Management • Contact Management • Document Management • Collaboration Tools • Integrated Research Tools • Data Merge Document Templates • Data Merge Email Templates • MS Word Document templates • Ad-hoc Reports • Client Access • Group Calendaring • Customizable Date Calculator • Fixed Fee Groups • Retaining Worksheets • Appointment Slot Finder • Full Text Search of Documents, Email and Email Attachments • Customizable Forms and List • Ad-hoc Reports • Live Documents • and we are just getting started • see Features View over 30 online YouTube videos

We set the bar for Online Legal Practice Management

The most cost effective way to manage your legal practice from anywhere by the Architect of Time Matters ™ World Server

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The most cost effective way to manage your legal practice from anywhere

legal practice management legal practice management